Digital Transformation of
Learning from Classrooms to #Rooms

In 2017, few lecturers (7) from 3 reputed colleges, in Bengaluru, got together and created virtual rooms for science, commerce and arts stream. Goal is to mentor & guide students (across state) for board exams.

Every day 5 questions were posted in each room for which students scribbled answers on paper, clicked and posted back. These answers were evaluated by students themselves by up/down voting. It turned interactive with students asking questions by uploading snapshots & videos expecting lecturers to answer them. However it was other students who pitched in providing answers.

It became more interesting with post exam discussions, polls, quizzes & career choices. These rooms provided an opportunity for students to collaborate, compete and learn collectively beyond classroom using just a smart phone. In addition, a model evolved where 5000+ students were mentored by 7 lecturers.

#Rooms: Leveraging Mobile Technology
& Artificial Intelligence

#Rooms is a mobile first engagement platform for learning, lifestyle and beyond. On #Rooms, people engage by creating or joining a #room from any device.

A #room is an activity based learning space where like-minded people come together to collaborate, compete and network.

Backed by a powerful AI based profiling agent (S.W.A.M.I), engagement in a #room is highly interactive and enjoyable.

#Room is FLUID

Technically, #room is an app built on ipomo’s FLUID – a framework for building next generation mobile applications that have a fluid characteristic - “absence of shape”. Hence, these apps dynamically change their shape or behavior depending on usage / purpose and can be created or managed from any device (mobile or tab or PC).

Let’s group few
#rooms together to form a HYDRA!!

HYDRA (Hierarchical Yet Distributed Room Architecture) is a mobile first hierarchical engagement model where client #rooms (called Cell) are grouped together under a master #room (called Feeder) to form a hierarchy. In addition, the activities & ownership are distributed across client #rooms for a meaningful & continuous engagement beyond messaging & tweeting.

Virtualize Your Organization Structure

ONE HYDRA can aggregate 5000 Cells (franchises / regional centers / branch offices / institutions / police stations etc) to form an inclusive ecosystem for collaboration, competition & co-creation among members.

Backed by powerful
AI Profiling Agent (S.W.A.M.I)

At the core #Rooms is S.W.A.M.I (Software With Artificial / Machine Intelligence), an A.I. profiling agent. S.W.A.M.I helps in profiling students based on their attitude and aptitude in the campus and tracks their consistency and learning curve over full academic life cycle. Students are profiled based on their actions over a period of time - Analytic, Functional, Social and Driver.

#Rooms in action

100 + Colleges2000 + Rooms60K Members

Get Started : Takes Less than a Minute

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